Meet Tatefitness

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Troy Tate

My name is Troy Tate, I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up competing in the martial arts of Judo with my father being my coach. I was a multi-state, national and international judo champion and a 2nd-degree black belt. I competed for 18 years from 1980-1998. I also was a springboard diver in high school. I started my fitness journey in 1993 and started competing in 1994 and was hooked ever since. From 1994 to 2014, I competed in 30 contests including an Ifbb pro contest which was the IFBB Phoenix Europa in 2014. I placed 8th in the Bodybuilding 212 division out of 25 professional athletes. My biggest passion, which completely overwhelms and gives more gratitude than anything was being a trainer. I started training clients since 1995, for 25 years, I’ve been helping people change their lives with getting in shape, getting healthy and also have been working with  competitive athletes who compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting and judo.

IFBB Pro Figure

Arianna Tate

Arianna began her fitness journey in 2011, she was born in Daytona Beach FL and raised in Olympia Washington. Shortly after the very unexpected loss of her mother in 2010, she began seeking to find a true passion again to fill the void of the loss and she then moved to Florida. Arianna began competing in 2012 as a bikini competitor. While she accomplished many goals doing bikini, she decided to work her way up to the figure division as she progressed in her fitness journey. After switching to Figure, Arianna won 1st place at Vancouver in 2016, 1st at Southern States in 2018, 3rd place at NPC USAS 2018, and 1st at Klash Series, 2020. Through everything Arianna has endured, she pushed herself and her body beyond what she thought was the unimaginable, and won her class while also earning her Pro Card at the NPC USAS, 2020, just a couple weeks after she also had lost her brother. Arianna is highly passionate about competing, she gives her life to the sport. Bodybuilding challenges her mind and body and keeps her focused on overall health in her own life. Arianna also studied and became a certified trainer in 2014. That is another major part of her life – Arianna loves to help others reach their fitness goals as a coach, but also loves to just help people in general. She is selfless and has a lot of self discipline. She has a heart of gold and is truly a lover of people. Helping others reach their fitness goals, big or small, is something she strives for on a daily basis.