“I’ve never met two people that are so genuinely concerned for each clients individual well being. Because of Troy and Arianna I learned to love my body again after having my babies.”
“Tatefitness helped me with 2 men’s physique competitions (1st time in my life)! I got 4th and 5th place. They are the best coaches ever! Thank you again for everything!”
“I’ve been with Tatefitness for a while now. It has honestly been the best experience I have ever had. It’s very refreshing to find coaches that care about your health and well-being over everything else!”
Kendall Keith
“Great pair of coaches who will push you beyond your limits and be with you every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking to go through a contest prep.”
Joe Carney
"It took me 15 years to pull the trigger on letting someone guide me in training and diet and I'm glad I chose to go with Troy and Arianna. They’re great people and dedicated to their industry and clients."
Patrick Morlando
“Troy and Arianna are really knowledgeable and good people. You have questions, they have answers and will explain it in an easy to understand way and don't treat you like you are stupid for asking. I did used them for online coaching but have actually met them in person and they are just really great people!”
Andrew Funston
“Troy Tate was the best present to myself for my contest prep!!! Knowing that all the responsibility was put on Troy’s shoulders to have me in the best shape possible. All I can say is thanks 1 million Troy Tate you literally put me on the map!”
David Dorsey
“Troy did an amazing job with my physique over the years. I told him I was all natural — no steroids, fat burners, etc — and he respected that and made it happen without them through diet and cardio. - Definitely an amazing coach and great about communication and accountability.”
Christopher Glenon
“I worked with Troy from 2009 -2014. It was tough at first because I was learning how my body works from Troy and getting a great amount of knowledge from him. Troy is not just an amazing coach he is also a great friend! We keep in contact still today and that wont change. If anyone who is looking for a great coach and team to work with this is the team to be in.”
Frankie Rivera
“I’ve known Troy for over 10 years. We worked together over several years and several shows! We won 2 overall titles. One in AZ and one in Ca. We also never placed 2nd or lower in any local / regional show. We finished 11th out of 50+ light heavyweights at Nationals in Miami. I would only hire someone who has been where I want to go. Who knows what it takes to get ridiculously shredded. I would definitely highly recommend Troy and his team for anyone at any level of their fitness journey.”
Mike Best
“I can go on and on about my coaches. The proof is in the pudding. Seriously, before I started my journey to becoming a men’s physique competitor, I merely thought it was a dream and I was spinning my wheels and money and not getting what I needed, but God allowed me to find two amazing coaches in Troy and Arianna Tate. They actually take the time out to be there with me every step of the way and check on me daily. I began my journey before quarantine and by the time quarantine was over, my body had snapped thanks to me coaches. If you want A1 coaching and a family that is there for you every minute and second of the day, then join the family. I love my coaches and couldn’t be where I am today without them. We work in the Tatefitness family. We don’t make excuses!”
Christopher Cesar
“The first time I talked with Arianna was 2 years ago. We talked on the phone for almost an hour about what I wanted in a coach. She has never disappointed me since, nor did she ever just tell me what I want to hear. I still can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my own body. She worked in foods that I like into my plan and update it as needed. The best part is the communication. I actually feel listened and cared for. Whenever I need anything or have any question at all, they’re always there with a thoughtful and thorough response. Not once in the last two years have i sent a message and not gotten a response within a few hours. To me, this is so so important. This industry is full of coaches who are just out to get a paycheck. The Tate’s want to see me win and are taking me to that level. I can’t wait to see the package I bring to the stage!”
"I can't thank Tatefitnes enough for what they have done for me and continue to do for me. They are very responsive and professional. I came to Arianna about a year and half ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I came in my last show the best I have ever and I will be forever thankful for that. They take their jobs very seriously and it shows. Health is their number one goal, ALWAYS. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I have learned so much from them and they completely changed my lifestyle for the best. I highly recommend them for lifestyle and bodybuilding."
Samantha Miller